The insulated container Isotec® eTBX

Are you looking for a transport container for your refrigerated or cold chain pharmaceutical products? With the actively cooled GEBHARDT insulated container Isotec® eTBX, the validity of your medication is guaranteed for unlimited transport times!

The GEBHARDT insulated container Isotec® eTBX

For many medical products, such as various vaccines and other temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products in the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacturer has clearly defined temperature ranges for transport and storage prescribed. In order to maintain the required temperature zones for the drugs, logistics service providers can stabilize the corresponding temperature zones for a wide variety of pharmaceutical products. This is the only way to ensure the durability and effectiveness of the transported goods.


The Isotec® eTBX meets all these requirements of pharmaceutical logistics and guarantees a secure cold chain for an UNLIMITED number of hours.

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Your benefit at a glance:

  • Safe cold chain in many temperature ranges
  • Ambient transport: 15-25°C
  • Refrigerated transport: 2-8°C
  • Deep-freeze transport: down to -21°C
  • Permanent power supply with cable and/or battery
  • Unlimited transport time

Secure cold chain with constant temperature for unlimited transport times

Since the Isotec® eTBX is not dependent on a limited running time like a passive cooling container and can react independently to fluctuations in the outside temperature, it is used in various areas of application. This container offers a great advantage, especially for the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products. The GEBHARDT insulated container with active cooling can maintain a constant cold chain for an indefinite period of time and thus ensure the effectiveness and durability of the transported goods.

When using the Isotec® eTBX, the advantages in handling and local flexibility of a movable insulated container are combined with the strong cooling performance of the technically mature compressor cooling technology.

  • Possible power supply: external (socket) or modern battery
  • Safe compliance with the strictly specified temperature ranges in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Permanent temperature monitoring possible during the transport route

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Stałe aktywne chłodzenie zapewnia stały łańcuch chłodniczy

Mixed transport with permanent power supply

With a permanent power supply in the warehouse or truck, goods with variable temperature ranges can be stored next to one another in different actively temperature-controlled insulated containers or transported in the same cargo hold of an uncooled truck with goods that do not need to be refrigerated. With the GEBHARDT thermal container you achieve maximum flexibility in your logistics processes. Take advantage of mixed transport and save a lot of money compared to expensive refrigerated transporters.

  • Containers for transport and storage
  • Constant cold chain through permanent active cooling
  • Different temperature ranges in a cargo and storage room that is not temperature-controlled

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The Isotec® eTBX - As individual as your logistics processes

The container can be individually adapted to your logistics processes by adapting the active cooling to the temperature range you require.

The container can either be connected to an external power supply during transport or storage, or it can be operated using the latest battery technology. Talk to the GEBHARDT temperature specialists and let them advise you individually on your logistical procedures and processes.

  • The most common line voltages and vehicle electrical system voltages possible
  • Integration of the latest battery technology possible
  • Adaptation to your required temperature ranges

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